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How to Enable Dolby Atmos For Your Headphone? – Windows


Dolby Atmos is created by Dolby Laboratories that provides you a spatial sound experience. It enhances your existing normal sound by enabling height channels, mixing sounds to interpreted multi-dimensional objects. So you feel deeper surround sound with great experiences. Dolby Atmos is a premium spatial sound feature, therefore it is not available for every sound device. Basically Dolby Laboratories partners …

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How to Add & Activate JumpThrow Config CS:GO?


A jumpthrow config helps CS:GO players to throw a smoke grenade with increased accuracy and distance by jumping and throwing at the same time. A specific key will be bind to the “jumpthrow” command, which allows the player to jump and throw the grenades at the accurate time. This is commonly used technique which allows players to throw smokes into …

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How to Use Telegram App as Cloud Storage?

How to Use Telegram App as Document Storage

In my one of previous post I had described that How to Use WhatsApp as a private store & transfer files between Computer & Mobile. In this post I will tell you how to use Telegram app as a Document, Videos & Photos cloud storage and how share them between PC and Smartphone? Telegram is now become most popular cross-platform Instant …

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How to Fix Blurry Wallpaper Issue In Apple iPhone/iOS?

How to fix blurry wallpaper screen in iphone ios

After the update of iOS 16.2 Apple has removed default Wallpapers and replaced it with another wallpaper customization feature. Earlier, when you used to set a wallpaper in iPhone, you could set it on the main screen as well as on the lock screen. Or you could have selected both separately. But you can’t add any effect on wallpaper or …

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Why Choose CyberGhost VPN?


If you have always wanted to protect yourself with a reliable VPN then CyberGhost is the one for you. Opting for this VPN will let you protect around 7 devices at once. With the help of its VPN service, you can adeptly fight against online surveillance. The host of features that CyberGhost comprises is one of the best reasons why …

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How to Create a Payoneer Account? – 2023

How to create payoneer account - 1

A Payoneer account gives ability to get paid by direct clients and affiliate marketplaces and all the payment transfers local bank account at the cheapest cost. If you wan’t to create a Payoneer account and facing trouble during account making, here I’m sharing step by step guide, so you can quickly create a payoneer account: Step by Step process to …

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How to Optimized Games with Nvidia Geforce Experience?


Do game settings confuse you to understand which settings are best for your game? If yes, then here I’m sharing easy trick with that you can quickly set best optimize settings for your game using Nvidia Geforce Experience. Here I’m also want to clarify that it will only work for Nvidia Graphics card. So if you’re using AMD or Intel …

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How to Backup & Restore CS:GO Config File?


When you make any changes to CS:GO (Counter Strike Global Offensive) Video, Audio, Game, Controller, Crosshair, Keyboard and Mouse settings, it is stored in a config file. If you do not back up this config file, you will have to redo the settings when you want to reinstall the game. Even after remembering all the settings, you forget something or …

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